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06 May 2005


Work is odd. You can’t be on good terms with everyone all the time. Over time, you begin to ‘figure’ people out, to know the ways around their angles, the corners that you must keep away from; what the territories are and how far you can trespass freely, depending on how un-seriously you get people to take you. There is a way, but it’s a pretty narrow path. You learn to judge volume and tone of voice, to know when to ignore and when to step lively. When to not give way.I have a particular fondness for skating at the edge of personal boundaries — limits. You can get away with a great deal more than you would expect, if you know how not to antagonise or threaten. It’s very interesting, but you have to remember to set your own limits — for instance: never get too close to the boss.You must also remember to think in the long term, no matter how alien that may be. If you’re the kind to measure yourself with an eye to promotion and pay prospects, then do that. If you are trying out this job on your way to a career, then do that. If you want to learn and move on to something else, then keep your eyes open so you can identify the next step in your education. Identify the skills you’re picking up; name them so that you know what you’re learning, and perhaps where you can use it next.Be usefully indiscreet; necessarily overfamiliar; appropriately oblivious. Refrain from referring to your company as ‘we’. Most important of all, every hour or so, step out onto the balcony and get some green into your eyes — stare at trees.


Anonymous Anonymous said…
What do you do when there are no balconies or trees?
2:37 AM
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